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  • Miquel Oliver – Aia
  • Ribas – Brutus
  • Ribas – Sió
  • Binigrau – Obac
  • Oliver Moragues – Selecció
  • Es Verger – Pinot Noir

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Mallorca Wine Shop | Miquel Oliver Aia

Very intense cherry. Nose: complex with notes of toasted wood fine fruit and varietal character and mineral, earthy tones and black fruits very original. Ensambled with great expression, tannins Mature and giving a high persistence complex and original set.

Grape Variety: 100% Merlot

Mallorca Wine Shop | Ribas Brutus Red Wine

Brutus is a very limited edition wine from the vineyards are the ecological Fortesa (Alaro), owned by Camper. Bodegas Ribas are responsible for technical advice and winemaking.

Grape varieties: 56% Gargollassa, 44% Syrah

Description: Gargollassa: Mallorcan actóctona variety that brings fruit and freshness. Syrah: Mediterranean variety that brings the power and structure.

Preparation: Manual harvest and selection of grapes grain by grain. Gentle maceration of 21 days for Gargollassa and somewhat longer for the Syrah.

Aging: 12 months

Variety of barrels (%): 50% new French oak and 50% of second year.
Grade: 14%

Mallorca Wine Shop | Ribas Sió Red Wine

This wine is made ​​from grapes from old vines Mantonegro emerged in 2000 as a tribute to our grandmother Sio ( diminutive Spaniard Conception ) . Elegant , fresh and fruity with mineral funding from our vineyard wine predominance of limestone .

Grape varieties:
50 % black Manto
25 % Syrah
15 % Cabernet Sauvignon
10% Merlot

Aging: 12 months

Variety of Barrels: 50 % new French oak and 50 % French oak sophomore from Ribas de Cabrera

Preparation: Manual harvest . Uva carefully selected grain by grain of the oldest vines of the local variety black Manto, a variety with amazing aromatic potential it brings a lot of fruit and warmth. Complement with vines over 25 years of structured varieties such as Syrah , Cabernet and Merlot .

Alcohol content: 14.5%

View: Bright cherry red with violet reflections.

Nose: Powerful dominant aroma of ripe red fruit , mineral funds , spicy and balsamic .

Palate: Creamy and silky in step with very good persistence. Rich in body , balanced, very tasty and powerful with firm tannins.

Mallorca Wine Shop | Binigrau Obac

Blend of varieties montenegro, Callet, merlot, cabernet and syrah aged for twelve months and cvatorce fine grain oak casks selection. It has an intense ruby color with very cloudy garnet hues and elegant, with notes of spice and dried fruit, fennel and licorice. Background of ripe fruit and well integrated oak.

Grape varieties: Mantonegro, Callet, merlot, syrah, cabernet sauvignon

Mallorca Wine Shop | Oliver Moragues Selecció Red Wine

Grape Varieties: Merlot 35%, 35% Black Mantle, Cabernet sauv 25%, 5% Callet

Vineyard: 100% Organic Farming (Registered and certified by the CBPAE). Pruning and harvest 100% own vineyards. All hand. Selecting grapes selected for the property at hand

Fermentation: at 28 º C in INOX tanks. High level of abstraction

Aging: 12 months in new French oak barrels 1st year

Filtering: none

Alcohol: 14.5%

Total acidity: 5.36 g / L TH2

pH: 3.40

Mallorca Wine Shop | Es Verger Pinot Noir

Red Color middle layer. Aromas of red fruit, toasted, with a slight vanilla point The palate is well balanced wine with a smooth feel. By its unique characteristics, is in an optimal time parea immediate consumption
Accompanied by flavored soft foods and fish.

Status field: Serra de Tramuntana (500 m. Closed)

Orientation: Southwest

Floors: “Call vermell”

Basement: burdensome

Area: 6 ha.

Strains Graft

Grape Variety: Pinot noir

Vinification: Temperature controlled, 25 to 28 degrees during fermentation and maceration for 20 days.

Fermentation: In stainless steel tanks

Breeding: During 9 months in French oak barrels. This wine has not been filtered or cold stabilized which can present tartaric precipitations

Alcohol content: 13 vol

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