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  • Jose L. Ferrer – Blanc de Blancs
  • Miquel Gelabert – Torre des Canonge
  • Oliver Moragues – Blanc
  • Mesquida Mora – Sincronia
  • Miquel Oliver – Muscat
  • Son Vives – JuxtaMare Malvasia

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Mallorca Wine Shop | Jose L. Ferrer Blanc de Blancs blanco white

Nose: intense primary aromas with outstanding notes of apple, banana, a hint of pineapple, tropical fruits and peach

Grape Varieties: 80% Prensal Blanc, Chardonnay 20%

Alcohol: 13.5% vol.

Barrel: 6 months in new French oak barrels

Color: yellow with green glow. Clean and bright

Palate: intense bouquet, smooth and balanced.

Mallorca Wine Shop | Miquel Gelabert – Torre des Canonge

Attractive straw colour with golden reflections. Clear and very bright.

Clean, elegant nose with a harmonious fruity (mango and pineapple) and floral (honeysuckle) bouquet. Well-blended oak that gives the wine a touch of distinction. Hints of camomile and smoke.

Warm and distinguished attack on the palate, going into unctuous body which doesn’t lack any freshness. A certain acidity adds flavour to the whole, giving the wine a personality beyond the fruit.
Lingering, elegant and unique aftertaste.

Serving temperature: 10-12ºC
Grape varieties: Giró blanc
Observations: White wine fermented in barrel, then aged for 4 months.

Should be allowed to breathe to appreciate its complexity.

Mallorca Wine Shop | Oliver Moragues Blanc

Grape Varieties: Prensal blanc 20%, 35% Viognier, Sauvig blanc. 35% & 10% turned Blanc

Jobs: vineyard 100% Organic Farming (Registered and certified by the CBPAE)

Pruning and harvest: 100% own vineyards. All hand

Selecting grapes selected for the property at hand
Pressed pressing very light at 2 ° C
Fermentation at 10°C in Inox tanks
2 months in French oak barrels with ‘batonage’

Alcohol: 13%
Total acidity: 4.93 g / L TH2
pH: 3.20

Mallorca Wine Shop | Sincronia Blanc ECO Mesquida Mora

The reason for the name: Synchronicity is the magic of life . What is sometimes perceived as negative , it is seen as an opportunity. It is what happens while something else. In synchrony born young wines Mesquida Mora, while his brothers Majorca, Trispol and Sotil

Label: Labels on Sincronia wines are made from small pieces of colored paper, like life itself .Small boats are part of our island landscape . They also symbolize the will and desire to navigate new seas and oceans , always remembering the output port .

Harvest: 2014

Grape Varieties: Premsal , Parellada and Chardonnay

Alcohol content: 13.5 %

Appellation: Vi de la Terra Mallorca

Winemaking: Manual selection of the grapes. Cold maceration and fermentation of different varieties separately . Once fermented was carried final assembly working with lees . The development has been made virtually no sulfur , adding a minimum amount before bottling to ensure their preservation during transport.

Viticulture: The vines management is based on dialogue with nature learning to read their gestures and their needs and doing all the tasks at hand following the most appropriate stellar motions . We use native plant cover and apply as much compost biodynamic preparations . We use herbal teas to boost the health of our plants.

Mallorca Wine Shop | Miquel Oliver Muscat

Hoarding prizes tasting this young wine It was the first dry muscat Spain to be commercialized. It has an attractive yellow pale with greenish tones. Bright. A wine very Fine, with strong varietal aromas, although nothing heavy (sensitive nose), fresh on the palate, dry, balanced and very smooth, with great expression flavor in the mouth (think grape chewing Healthy and ripe) Muscat. Differ much from other national moscateles. It is one of the most original wines produced in Spain

Grape variety: moscatel

Mallorca Wine Shop | Son Vives – JuxtaMare Malvasia

Straw color. Aroma of fresh fruit, with notes of honey and citrus presence of herbs. The palate isfruity, varietal and good acidity.

Grape Variety: White Malvasia 100%
Serve between: 10ºC -12ºC

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