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  • Miquel Gelabert – Sa Vall
  • Ribas – Blanc
  • Can Picó – Blanc Seco
  • Es Verger – Sauvignon Blanc
  • Son Bordills – Chardonnay 2013
  • Biniagrau – Nounat

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Mallorca Wine Shop | Miquel Gelabert Sa Vall White Blanco

Aged (crianza) white wine, fermented in new French oak barrels and aged for 6 months on its lees. The best grapes from our vineyards go into its blend.

Grape varieties: Giró Blanc and Viognier.

Cropping system trellis

Location of the vineyard of Manacor

Appellation: D.O.P. Pla i Llevant-Mallorca

Type of wine: white rearing

Alcohol: 13.5- 14% vol.

Fermentation: alcoholic and malolactic French oak barrels Allier and Nevers.

Ageing: on lees in French oak barrels Allier and Nevers six months and aging in bottle.

Tasting notes: golden yellow with light green, clean and bright. Floral aromas. Memories citrus and fresh fruit, with a hint of butter. Very long finish, fresh, well balanced and full bodied.

Recommendations: blends well with fish sauce, grilled, stews, baked fish and seafood.

Serving temperature: serve between 6º-8ºC.

Ribas Blanc 2014

Young, fresh and delicate aromas produced primarily with Majorcan variety Prensal Blanc White .

Vino de la Tierra Mallorca

Grape varieties :
85 % Prensal Blanc
15 % Viognier

Handpicked from Prensal own and Viognier vines. Later step of the grape sorting table where strict quality control is performed. Gentle pressing of the bunches at low pressure in a pneumatic press to prevent oxidation . Long in stainless steel tanks at low temperatures of about 14 ° C for about 40 days to retain the subtlety of the varietal aromas fermentations. The Prensal Blanc gives the wine fresh aromas of citrus and white fruit ; Mediterranean variety Viognier offer complexity and smoothness .

Alcohol content: 13%
Life in years: 3
Production: 50,000 bottles

Tasting notes:

View: Straw yellow with greenish reflections. Clean and bright
Nose: Citrus ( lime ) , grass clippings, fresh fruit ( freshly cut green apple, pear )
Taste: Fresh , balanced and friendly Long medium persistence. We are a full wine, with a total balance between alcohol content, acidity and bitterness.

Mallorca Wine Shop | Can Picó Malvasía Blanco Seco White

Taste: Very aromatic, dense and silky. With intense and ripe fruit; acidity that makes it suitable for heavy long as Turbot sauce or Hake. It is also recommended for seafood or grilled fish.

Cellar: Can Pico

Grape varieties: 100% Malvasia

D.O .: Serra Tramuntana Costa Nord

Bottles: 3700 approximately

Mallorca Wine Shop | Es Verger Neu - Sauvignon Blanc

The winery is committed to having verger among its collection a distinguished white, where its distinctive climate, adding the care of his Sauvignon Blanc give each bottle sweetness, harmony and good company to intense dishes.

It is a 100% varietal Sauvignon Blanc, where over 1000 bottles are extracted annually. An added plus for collectors and lovers of white wines: Its exclusivity.

Grape variety: Sauvignon Blanc

Mallorca Wine Shop | Son Bordills – Chardonnay 2013 blanco white

Tasting notes: Color green with golden yellow , bright and luminous reflections. in nose is a typical Chardonnay without oak aging . Aromas of fruit Exotic and tropical pineapple, banana and anise. The palate is fresh with notes minerals and a long, pleasant finish. Truly , this is a great, and rare, Chardonnay.

Grape varieties: Chardonnay 93 %, 7% Prensal Blanc

Vineyards: Vineyards Chardonnay Son Bordils has an average of 16 years age, being production in 2012 of 1.2 kg / vine. Located in the Inca term of 60 meters above sea level, with east-west orientation and an average slope of 10%. They are found in soil type calcareous clayey alluvium

Harvest: The harvest took place between 18 and 20 August 2012 .

Production: 15,000 liters. / 19,000 bottles of 0,75l. / 1500 bottles of 0,5l.

Preparation: Controlled fermentation at 16 º C in stainless steel tanks.

Alcohol content: 14% vol.
Total acidity: 6 g / l tartaric acid
Volatile acidity: 0.67 g / l acetic acid
Reducing sugars: 1.2 g / l (glucose + fructose)

Drink: Serving at 6-8 º C. All dishes served with seafood, and with rice dishes like paella.

Mallorca Wine Shop | Biniagrau – Nounat Blanco White

Winety: Binigrau

Grape varieties: Prensal blanc, chardonnay

Comment: Created with prensal white chardonnay. Pale yellow with greenish hues trimmed with golden highlights. Aromas of dried fruits, nuts and almonds and tropical fruits, pineapple and banana. Good structure, balanced acidity. Sweet and appetizing.

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